About us

A to B  Capital Special Situations Fund, LP (the “Partnership” or “A to B Capital”), is a Delaware limited partnership that was launched in September 2008 to operate as a private investment fund with the objective of achieving consistent capital appreciation.

The Fund will attempt to achieve its investment objective through the active management of a portfolio of deeply discounted private, pre-IPO and publicly-traded equities, primarily by purchasing securities that the Management Company believes to be undervalued and by selling short securities that the Management Company believes to be overvalued.  The Management Company will utilize primarily fundamental analysis in making longer-term investments and will attempt to enhance returns and to reduce risk by using shorter-term trading strategies.

The Fund’s investment decisions will be implemented within the framework of the Management Company’s market outlook, which in turn will determine the Partnership’s net equity exposure.  In managing the investment portfolio, the Management Company will continuously evaluate numerous variables, including: macroeconomic data; market liquidity levels; market psychology; and the relative attractiveness of industry sectors and asset classes. 

The Management Company’s overall investment approach on behalf of the Partnership is based on fundamental securities analysis.  Typically, the Management Company will purchase securities that it believes to be undervalued and will sell short securities that it believes to be overvalued.  This approach is designed to reduce market risk and to be effective in a variety of market conditions and business cycles.  The Partnership’s longer-term investment strategy will be augmented by shorter-term trading techniques that are designed to enhance return opportunities and to further reduce risk.  The Management Company will attempt to achieve this objective by trading around core long-term positions to generate shorter-term gains, and by making shorter-term, event-driven investments in equities that are not intended to be held for the long term.

In the meantime you can reach us at (732) 747-0702 and by fax at (732) 758-1837. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@AtoBCapital.com.